Lifestyle and editorial portraiture.


I am a set photographer so shine on and let's make a movie.


After ten years of working in the television news industry, both behind and in front of the camera, my passion for the still image emerged. This part of the journey was the beginning of my desire to connect the lines between image and story.  Focusing on photography has been a natural progression to the next chapter of my storytelling. I am passionate about capturing beautiful moments before they disappear into the light or darkness.
I’ve been told by my clients that I have a very natural and comfortable approach.  I like to make people feel at ease, there is no distance between us and that life is a celebration.  I suppose this has to do with where and how I was raised.  Hailing from the south of France and spending 30 years of my life in a culture which embraces the moment, that joie de vie is a part of my D.N.A. and ultimately transpires into my work. 
So if you want to experience a unique approach with a poetic French flavor, come join me! 



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